Effective organizations can be compared to a modern vehicle – it has many parts, some moving and others static. Yet, all parts have been put together in a system, to deliver a certain: amount of horse-power, comfort, specific niche like ‘4×4′ off road, town runner, or heavy goods carrier. Every part of a vehicles’ system has a role it plays in making the vehicle meet its niche-standard.

Effective strategy, and note the word EFFECTIVE, is the art of defining the vehicle, the value the vehicle brings to the buyer, and assembling all its moving and static parts, to meet the demand of the buyer.

Strategy is a fascinating art, whose success depends on how EFFECTIVENESS is delivered in organizations

Developments’ forgotten child – the Community Based Organization

If you ask for a list of organizations implementing development programs, effective or not at that, I suspect that you will get something like: INGO, native Civil Society Organization (CSO) in my context the East Africa Civil Society Organization (EACSO),… Read More ›