The new year goal setting confetti – caution from well meaning friends 2 of 3

As you get closer to year end – seven days to go now – you must be getting into the contemplative-mood moment. When you and those around ponder what has been and may yet be

We argued in series one that because you mind more about ‘what’ others think about you and not your innate beliefs, you are driven more and more by the ‘what’ and ‘how’ factors and not ‘why’ you do what you choose to do.

….suffice it to say that individual accountability for the lack of structure and effectiveness in the goal-setting process will happen – it’s a matter of time before we are held to account for our planning sins.

We suggest that in 2019, you use a different lens to plan for what is still ahead – both the known and unknown. We want you to know that effective personal ‘purposing’ and ‘goal setting,’ maybe your insurance when you run out of road…[in later life]

Keeping our promise to keep the festive reading short, let us deal with the ‘how’ in this series – it will be short.

There is a yin-yang affair between the ‘what’ and ‘how’. When you focus on how you are perceived by the other folk, you are likely to tailor ‘what’ you do, to appease those whose perception of your person, you value.

However, ‘what’ is only one part of the whole – it’s the definitional aspect, but there also is the other half – the doing i.e. ‘how’ aspect.

Apparently, by doing certain things a certain way, and for others, you increase your perception-value. Or you believe. Right?

In wanting to attain a positive perception rating, you choose to do certain things – but increasingly, the ‘Dos’ are about taking action towards activities that increase your perception rating by others

Unaware, do you plan to do things in order to influence your perception-rating by others, and not what you believe in?

For example, you can plan to achieve any of the five new year goals below, and for all sorts of reasons, but the ‘why’.

  1. Going to the gym in 2019
  2. Buying a certain type of car
  3. Building a certain type of house
  4. Starting a personal business
  5. Getting married
  6. Etc

Yes, you can choose to implement big audacious new year goals, but to appease others (and not yourself) plus shift to the right, your public-perception-meter. It’s the way the world thinks and relates – like mercantilism, it’s a culture issue that we are dealing with here. You do things because they are done the world over

It’s keeping up with and for others and not yourself. Such goals are as short lived as confetti. You choose them not for self but for the eyes of the others.

How do you identify goals that you personally believe in, are sustainable and will make you happy? The ‘why’.

See you next week!

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