Design is the glue that ties together the vision as defined by the organisation’s Leader, Strategic intent, as well as the Human-resources that work hard to realise the vision and strategic intent. Without effective Design – Strategy, People, and Leadership, however good they are, will not create value and wealth for the organisation.

COVID-19 and working from home – excitement and joy turning bitter? Series 2 of 2

As already put in series 1, working from home has a bittersweet dynamic especially for the white collar employee. At first, it was fun working from home. But once it became apparent that the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t a short term… Read More ›

Do you demonise bureaucracies?

At the Effectiveness lab, we are acutely aware that organizational architecture (read: structure) impacts the efficiency, effectiveness and ultimately, the overall efficacy of organizations that purport to be in the business of value-creation. Whether you are in business for money… Read More ›