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Are you employed? Mind the gap!

In last week’s blog, we explored what you learned in 2018. We asked if you re-skilled/up-skilled or de-skilled and also delved into the expertise vs. skills dichotomy.

We concluded that expertise only remains potent when you continue to re-skill/up-skill. To not do the latter renders your expertise irrelevant and reduces your employability-rating score.

Before you are offered a job, employers consider your employability-rating – a combination of your skills and expertise at a point in time. They match your expertise and skills to a particular role in the organization. If you match what the employer is looking for, you are given the job. Many of you have gone through this process, perhaps without even realizing
For you to keep the interest and motivation to do your job, plus remain relevant to the external labour market, requires that your employability-rating remains potent in the context of the labour market. The latter happens when there is sustained re-skilling or at least, keeping your entry level employability-rating intact. 

Why bother to re/up-skill?

Whether you are self-employed or employed by others, mind the gap between your skills and expertise. Don’t allow the two to grow too far apart. It will render your employability-rating low and ultimately lead to your redundancy or failed business for the self-employed. It’s that simple

You all get absorbed in the day to day hustling at work, that you lose sight of the fact that your skills and expertise need to keep close to each other. In effect, you stop minding the gap.

From the examples below, you may appreciate why you should mind the gap between your expertise and skills:

Please mind-the-gap – expertise is actualised by relevant skills


2 responses to “Are you employed? Mind the gap!”

  1. Thank you for the piece ‘mind the gap’. Yes I agree career gaps can sometimes be very dangerous. If a victim what’s the best thing to reciprocate this situation?


    1. Hi Grace – thanks for reading the blog. For the victims, there is only one answer: re or up-skill; making sure to do your home on:
      1. The emerging ‘hot’ skills in your industry
      2. Or identifying a new industry for you to move into – for example, I have witnessed people crossing from a hectic corporate sector to the not-for-profit (on the wrong assumption that it’s less hectic) and vice versa – either way, there will be a re-
      skilling job of some sorts to be done

      It’s a world of life-long-learning!


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