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You are more effective when you choose to be you – 2 of 2

Let’s start off this week’s blog, the second in the series ‘You are more effective when you choose to be you,’ by making it very clear that we aren’t calling for rebellion or dissent in companies, families and other social spheres. Not at all!

We instead are encouraging everyone to appreciate individuality (difference in people) and take care not to manipulate others to be like you or a specific abstract considered the acceptable norm – read average


…….you should stop subjecting human beings to artificial ideals of normalcy and accept that each human being is unique. Yes, you may force students, workers, and associates to conform to the norm; but that isn’t what makes them happy and therefore productive. They are simply doing stuff for you and not themselves

So, if the norm isn’t the standard but the acceptance of others individuality – what needs to be done in practice to achieve the latter and with it, attain even higher efficacy from what humans do in companies, family and other social circles?

On the side of those seeking acceptance:

  • Speak up and voice your opinion even if it differs from those around you. This can be uncomfortable, but you will feel vindicated in sharing, and firmly at that, what you do and don’t believe in. We call it the truth about self – and yes, at times, it can be unsettling to those around you. Help the other side to understand you. It’s from the latter that win-win positivity and signature outcomes are attained
  • Present yourself in a manner that makes your person feel good. This covers areas like fashion (cloth and body), speech, behaviors, etc. Good social acquaintances and bosses encourage you to be yourself and like you for what you are – it’s the unconditional appreciation of the other
  • Believe in yourself. You won’t be taken seriously or respected if you don’t have self-belief.  You have to learn to be you before others start to recognize the you

On the side of those with the duty to accept others:

  • Appreciate that while people can be manipulated to be what others want them to be, especially those with power; and such people will do what the powerful wish them to do for them, it does not come from their heart. The latter undermines productivity as people do stuff because you want it from them and not because they believe in the cause. Appreciating and respecting other people spurs positiveness of the mind and ever-increasing harmony and ultimately productivity-wattage. Acceptance impacts a person’s state of mind and ultimately productivity.
  • Don’t place people in ‘boxes’ based on global norms or averages. Look at and work with them as individuals that bring value-adding individuality/uniqueness to the table. Even in their uniqueness, people get to your anticipated endpoint. You all don’t have to follow the same road to get to your final destination. Give people your last bearing, and they will find their way to the endpoint. Think like a GPS unit – give people start and end coordinates – and let them steer themselves to the parameter, in the most efficient and effective manner

When you acknowledge, accept and work with individuality and not what is considered the norm, you trigger unprecedented productivity-wattage in humans.

Now, if we shift practice towards individually ‘tailored’ standards of what is right – the norm won’t be the standard, but the practice of accepting individuality

Having said the above:

  1. Would you pass your individuality elevator test?
  2. Can you describe your personality, what you like, and your struggles?
  3. Do you know the conditions under which you attain productivity climax?
  4. Would you defend your individuality even if it wasn’t welcomed by the others around you and afar and suffer the consequences of doing so?

Getting to YES as the answer to the above questions is your contribution to helping the other side understand and respect individuality and the good it brings to society


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