The trials and tribulations of the end of an era at an institution or family

Whether at a body corporate or family – eras come and go. Eras always have a start – run for whatever length the karma grants – start to fade – and finally get concluded.

And when the end comes, we witness a range of reactions and feelings: jubilation, sadness, anxiety, confusion, hopelessness, grieving, sorrowing, lamentation, keening, wailing, weeping, melancholy, etc

Piripa Talikwana Isota

The void left, if not prepared for well, can leave a company or family devoid of leadership, steerless and quite frankly depressed

One could argue that if we know everything has a beginning and an end, all you have to do to avoid the above, is to prepare for the end well. Well, it’s easy said than done as in many instances, eras at institutions and families are to do with an individual or individuals. The so-called matriarch/s and patriarch/s.

And, we don’t buy replica individuals from shops. Even the increasingly advanced science of cloning is yet to get the art of manufacturing duplicate human beings right

Since we preach Effectiveness at the Effectiveness lab, let us try suggesting how we can effectively and efficiently move beyond eras:

And we ask the question: what should be done to ensure successful transition after matriarch/s and patriarch/s are no more?

  1. First and foremost, allow enough grieving, sorrowing, lamentation, keening, wailing, weeping, melancholy and anything else that is closely associated
  2. Accept change that comes after matriarch/s and patriarch/s are gone. There will be change – big or small and things won’t remain exactly the same
  3. Institutionalise some of the values and principles that the matriarch/s and patriarch/s exhibited and that made them the highly visible human beings they were on earth
  4. Allow enough time for succession planning
  5. It may be that a line has to be drawn behind the era and call it quits. Close shop or sell the business or family home.

We – at Nakabugu Luuka, have just ended an era, and we don’t yet know which of the options above will manifest post the matriarch.

All that we can do now is to practice number 1 above:

To all the Isota family: Condolences and deepest sympathy to the whole family following the passing of Mrs Piripa Isota. We awoke this morning to a sadder, darker world as one of its brightest lights is no longer shining. She was a much-loved sister, mother, grandmother, mother in law and auntie beloved by all who had the pleasure to meet her. We have our memories of happier times shared with her. She has gone to a better place with God, her beloved late husband Patrick and her late son Stephen, both also constantly in our memories and sadly missed. Alan

Be assured that in time, we will swiftly move on to the most effective of the other four options.

A very happy Easter to you all!

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18 replies

  1. To the entire family of Isotas Sorry for the loss of mammy but it is the lord who gives and takes. May the good lord accord her eternal life , oh dear memories of the 1980s still hold in minds. May the good lord comfort you. Nsajuli Aggrey


  2. Be strong the Isota’s family. May her soul rest in eternal peace!


  3. It’s a life well lived, all exemplary and leaves a whole lot of positive energy running in the next era.


  4. Pole Sebbo,

    Do you have to be an academician on this ABC!!!!

    Anyways, all the options above are applicable but for now Option of utmost importance, CRY AND GRIEVE.

    Is she you Mama!!!

    If She is, I feel for you Brother from another Mother.

    Virtually I remember several times at your Corner Office with your Iphone transferring some UGS to Mama;

    I know you had a soft spot for your Mama and this MUST BE a bitter pill to swallow

    May God Rest her in Peace as she has ‘Significantly Exceeded Requirement’ if you know what am saying.

    You are a blogger, a CEO numerous times, a charmer many times, the facilitator all the times , mentor any time, a coach every time, and what have you, some of the times.

    Let her go.


  5. Pole sana my brother. May God give you the strength to go thru the difficult moments. RIP Mummy.


  6. Pole sana my brother. May God give you the strength to go thru the difficult moments. RIP Mummy.


  7. So sad to hear 😥May her soul rest in peace!


  8. Not easy at all a process! but We Choose to celebrate a life Well lived and only urge the Family to carry Her legacy on.
    May God Strengthen the Family during this Moment of Trial. RIP Beloved.


  9. Hi Apollo, I’m.very sorry for your loss!! My God give you the strength as you go through this trying moment. Rest in peace mummy Piripa.


  10. Apollo, we feel you and our deepest sympathies. Yes, transitions and succession planning usually takes uniquely different path whatever is your choice, we wish you God’s guidance. Happy Easter to your family, Lilian, Peter, Phillipa and Elenor


  11. I am deeply sorry for your loss mentor. May her soul rest in etrenal peace.



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