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It is not bad to fail!

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People hate ‘failing’ and will do everything not to associate with perceived failure. I suppose, failure takes something away from people and as such we hate it. The usual human response to failure is: to deny, hide, repackage, massage, or simply disregard failure.

Failure management or avoidance gets more pertinent when it comes to organisations. In a world ruled by cut-throat competition and survival of the fittest, organisations whether private sector, government or charity dislike failure. There is so much at stake when organisations fail, that it is not unusual to see individuals, systems, and processes associated with failure cleansed or fired.  When failure imposes itself on organisations, they respond differently, and many times harshly: i.e. reprimand of the failed; PR spin doctors ‘cleaning up’ failure by distorting facts; simply hide facts; the better ones may accept failure in secret and fix it behind curtains.

We know it all, that cannot work! Photo credit: We know it all, that cannot…

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  1. […] though they are problematic or harmful, rather than helpful. I have in my other life written about ‘failing-safe’ and fail-safe monks, and I encourage us all to create space to fail in the lives of our […]


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