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  • Effective managers are ever keen to ‘right’ a wrong

    Originally posted on Gabazira's blog: Even those people that believe are perfect, fail. We all do wrong – only that to some people, accepting wrongdoing is wrong. Get up and ‘right’ your wrong Not accepting one’s wrongs equates to not learning from our actions. At the effectiveness lab, we call such people professional-dwarfs. Those… Continue reading

  • Mixing symptoms and management problems

    Originally posted on Gabazira's blog: We continue to observe a persistent pattern in the OD manifestations in organizations. Managers and those that work for them don’t always differentiate OD symptoms from management problems. Signs are looked at as management problems and vice versa. Get the right lens! A symptom is a sign that a… Continue reading

  • CEOs – take one for the team

    Originally posted on Gabazira's blog: CEOs are accountable for the success or failure at their organizations. CEOs are human and therefore, fallible. Things go wrong, and that’s normal. CEOs, even the omnipotent type, will never change one thing: stumbling at certain points of the CEO’s leadership journey. Believing that the opposite is possible, is… Continue reading

  • The Leadership conundrum: if you are a leader and you like to be loved, get a dog!

    Originally posted on Gabazira's blog: Last week the Effectiveness-lab discussed certain effective-leadership archetypes and accompanying behavioral traits. Leaders grapple with a critical challenge – when to be ‘friends’ with the ‘led’ and when to be the boss that says and does stuff that isn’t music to the ears of those they lead.  Getting the… Continue reading

  • Brexit fallout – fiefdoms and lessons for leaders series 2 of 2

    Well, the British prime minister Theresa May and those still loyal to her have survived the most dangerous seven days. It was a tumultuous week. A week where even the harbingers of the fiefdom, and usually canny political survivors, didn’t do well themselves. Too much of anything can be bad. It’s not far-fetched to write… Continue reading

  • Digital and the social revolution in homes – Series 2 of 2

    Because the boundary between work and home is blurred, digitization has extended to the home. Digital assistants are with us everywhere, including in the toilet and shower. Digital assistants and programs are nurturing the young and helping humankind to relate. Digitization and its tools are now human kindreds, only that unlike humans, they don’t have… Continue reading

  • Diversity not a mere tick-box exercise – corporate optics 2 of 2

    As per last week’s blog, there is quite a bit of practicing diversity for diversity’s sake going on. The so-called diversity for optics narrative. Apparently, there are two schools of thought that influence, plus determine the impact of diversity in organizations. The choice of diversity philosophy the organization deploys, determines the extent diversity and inclusion… Continue reading

  • It is not bad to fail!

    Originally posted on Gabazira's blog: People hate ‘failing’ and will do everything not to associate with perceived failure. I suppose, failure takes something away from people and as such we hate it. The usual human response to failure is: to deny, hide, repackage, massage, or simply disregard failure. Failure management or avoidance gets more… Continue reading

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Apollo B. Gabazira is an Ugandan OD. junkie fascinated by matters that render organisations/individuals effective or not. He blogs on effective leadership and management. He is a devoted green-farmer and breeds the Ayrshire cow at Nakabugu, Luuka district, Uganda. Apollo is quite effective at what he chooses to do.