CEOs – take one for the team

CEOs carry final accountability for business decisions at the entities they lead. When others do wrong, with or without the CEO’s knowledge, it’s the CEO they look at. Pls. learn to take the bullet for team! Even Jesus died for our sins – good reading!

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CEOs are accountable for the success or failure at their organizations. CEOs are human and therefore, fallible. Things go wrong, and that’s normal. CEOs, even the omnipotent type, will never change one thing: stumbling at certain points of the CEO’s leadership journey. Believing that the opposite is possible, is creating a world of make-believe.

Take one for the team - that is leadershipTake one for the team – that is leadership

When things go wrong CEOs should take responsibility for the mess – simple. That’s what leadership is all about – accountable leadership, we must add

CEOs or equivalent – at family, peer team, organization, or nation-state work with people below them. In the ideal world, CEOs define the roadmap to achieve the Vision; and their teams sweat to implement the roadmap and ultimately deliver desired outcomes.

Suffice it said that CEOs watch over what is happening from the pedestal – they address bottlenecks as and when they…

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