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Mixing symptoms and management problems

How many times do you engage others on OD. matters only to realise that they are confusing symptoms and management problems?

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We continue to observe a persistent pattern in the OD manifestations in organizations. Managers and those that work for them don’t always differentiate OD symptoms from management problems. Signs are looked at as management problems and vice versa.

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A symptom is a sign that a particular domain of management is not functioning well. It’s not a problem. On the other hand, a management problem is when a domain of management is dysfunctional or missing altogether. ns like the rainbow colours, symptoms and management problems at times overlap. To the naked eye, it can be difficult to separate the two

Growing up in Nakabugu village in Uganda, our mother always made the point that headache isn’t a disease per se, but a symptom of a disease. And indeed, whenever one of us complained of headache, it more often than not turned out to be a sign of malaria…

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Apollo B. Gabazira is an Ugandan OD. junkie fascinated by matters that render organisations/individuals effective or not. He blogs on effective leadership and management. He is a devoted green-farmer and breeds the Ayrshire cow at Nakabugu, Luuka district, Uganda. Apollo is quite effective at what he chooses to do.


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