Effective managers are ever keen to ‘right’ a wrong

Are you the defensive and non-accepting professional? Read on….

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Even those people that believe are perfect, fail. We all do wrong – only that to some people, accepting wrongdoing is wrong.

Get up and ‘right’ your wrong

Not accepting one’s wrongs equates to not learning from our actions. At the effectiveness lab, we call such people professional-dwarfs. Those of you with access to the youth, especially the Z-generation, please teach them the art of accepting wrong and the competences required to correct and learn from mistakes.

In our opinion, in this age of AI (artificial intelligence) and rapid automation, having the modesty to acknowledge our wrongs, is amongst the top competencies for the next generation professional. It’s a fundamental soft-skill that we should instil in generation-Z and if possible, adults that are ready to change their false belief that they never commit wrong – a tough call indeed for the adults!

Professional-dwarfs find it extremely hard not only to…

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