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2017 – Business Un-usual? Series 1 of 4

Hello, friends – it’s 8th January 2017, already a week into the so-called new year, and I returned to Nairobi last night ready to start 2017 with sincere and intense conviction.  It is not business-as-usual, but un-usual

A productive, effective, and efficient 2017

It’s lock, stock, and barrel – you have to throw everything at whatever commitment you have made for 2017.

However, making new-year resolutions is the easy bit – amidst the end of year festivities, resolutions have been made in bars, discotheques, in bed while doing all sorts of things, etc. What kind of ‘resolution-conviction‘ have you carried into 2017?

Do you have the sincerity to deliver what you have committed to do in the new year?  Do you know what needs to be done? The latter questions get us on to a familiar subject matter at the Effectiveness lab – people (skills) and its influence on effectiveness and efficiency of what we do

Our first blog in 2017 called on you all to put matters to do with organisational ‘effectiveness and efficiency’ front and centre

Take time to reflect on how to effectively identify and choose your 2017 resolutions. Get to delve into the WHY question.  Do not fall into the trap of wanting to do everything, committing to do everything, and ending up spreading too thin and doing nothing.

We devote this January 2017 four blog series to triggering deep reflection about your 2017 resolution/s, addressing the why and how. Blog Series 2 and 3 will delve into the strategy, structure, and the framework required for both individuals and organisations to:

  • Identify the relevant and value adding new year commitments – what sort of review, do you need to conduct in order to identify effective resolutions?
  • Craft a strategy and structure to deliver your so-called new year resolutions
  • And finally, identifying and developing or buying the skills required to manage whatever new-year resolution delivery framework you have identified

Many will ask if organisations, like humans, should have new year resolutions? After all, resolutions sound a very human-‘thing’; plus organisation resolutions are defined upfront in multi-year strategy papers.

Others may ask why we have to tag resolutions to the start of the new year – what challenge will one face if they make their resolutions mid-year or any time of the year other than January 1?

Blog series 4, the final in our January 2017 series will usher us all into what is likely to be a long, challenging, rewarding, and hopefully life-changing 2017

It is business un-usual in 2017!

Looking forward to engaging you all


6 responses to “2017 – Business Un-usual? Series 1 of 4”

  1. Very useful as to with anew year! All the best


    1. Thanks Janet – hope all is well


  2. Herbert Mugumya Avatar
    Herbert Mugumya

    Hi Apollo. Happy New Year!
    Glad to know u had wonderful holidays in Luuka and that you have returned safely back to Nairobi. I am one of the few people who have not made resolutions for 2017. Not sure why but my mind and thoughts are virgin for any opportunities and surprises. Working hard on my personal and official work is a constant. My intuition tells me that 2017 will be a great year of success. I trust my God that all will be okay. Looking forward to more blogs to learn about efficiency and effectiveness. Above all, promoting and applying our personal and organizational values of integrity, commitment and excellence.

    Happy New Year!


    1. Kairu – thanks for reading the blog and a HNY to you and family – hope all is well

      You certainly do have a resolution – in your case, it sounds like keeping status quo – after all why change what is working for you? We will talk about this state of latency in this blog series; it’s not bad to keep status quo 😭

      Talking about integrity – where has that gone to in Ug. 🇺🇬? Something is amiss in my humble opinion


      1. It is exciting to learn from the best!


        1. 👏🏿👏🏿🙏🙏


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