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Big thing in 2017: personal effectiveness & efficiency?

Friends, how great it is that you have all made it to 2017

A productive, effective, and efficient 2017
A productive, effective, and efficient 2017

So, as you embark on yet another year in your life, what are you planning to do more, the same or less of?

We know that many of you will yet again pronounce yourselves on new year resolutions. Resolutions that range from – becoming better spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, or dads/moms; becoming more productive at work; turning around failing businesses; consuming less alcohol; going to the gym more frequently, etc. They will all make the 2017 list.

However, it’s also fact that the majority of new year resolutions are forgotten a few hours, days, or weeks into the new year. Why aren’t we effective in delivering our so-called new year resolutions? Why do we lack the necessary individual grit to achieve? We can only assume that it’s down to humans that are ineffective and inefficient

The Effectiveness lab’s model is built on four pillars: You the leader, Strategy, Structure, and People.

We want to start our 2017 blogging from a People lens. After all, If the People factor is not right – Leadership, Strategy, and Structure alone won’t get you far

In 2016, the Effectiveness lab frequently discussed People related business – specifically, how to go about securing much better results (effective/efficient outcomes). Below, we share a few of our 2016 blogs

Below, we share a few of our 2016 People blog series, in the hope that they will help you get your 2017 individual ‘GPS coordinate’ right.  You have to make the choice and work hard to get intended results.  It’s all about you and individual grit

Soft-marketing and company effectiveness

Tenacity vs. High IQ – what begets success?

The DNA of the disorganized

Planning a waste of time 

Pennilessness and its untruth on the character of man

It’s not always about money – the Service Purists

Uganda’s new graduates – the Coca-Cola degree

As we start 2017, we hope that you commit to becoming both effective and efficient at everything you touch. Remember to select one and at most two big ticket items, and do them really well. We at the Effectiveness lab chose our resolution three months ago, and we are good to go.

Wishing you all a happy, productive, effective and efficient 2017 friends!


4 responses to “Big thing in 2017: personal effectiveness & efficiency?”

  1. […] aware of the fact that resolutions are abandoned only a few days into the new year, we have to assume that it continues to be ‘2017 business […]


  2. […] first blog in 2017 called on you all to put matters to do with organisational effectiveness and efficiency’ front […]


  3. vincent tigatege Avatar
    vincent tigatege

    Happy New Year ABG and Family. Thank you for yet another opener as we begin 2017. The one thing I intend to focus on this year is my Seeta Project Phase IV (Roofing).

    Regards, Vincent


    1. Dear VT – a very happy new year and thanks for reading the blog. Hope you have settled well in your new office – you have a big resolution for 2017 and I am happy that it is the only one you have chosen – read the upcoming series for a framework to deliver our 2017 resolutions

      Looking fwd. to catching up when I am next In Kampala


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