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Pennilessness and its untruth on the character of man

March is for going back in time – we decided to go for a reblog this week on the character of man – authenticity to be specific, and what takes it away from you. Good reading!

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At the Effectiveness lab, we believe in the authenticity of character – others may like to call it integrity. Whatever name you want to call it, it is all about: personal genuineness or originality.

When individuals are authentic, they tend to do what they believe to be correct, plus do it well. They are not coerced into following and doing what others believe in, without the opportunity for a rebuttal. It is only fair that individuals with opposite views are given the opportunity for a counter argument.

When we do things our way, or another person’s way but after considering each other’s counter arguments, we tend to be more effective at what we do.

A subject as hard to master as the English language - Character-AuthenticityA subject as hard to master as the English language – Character-Authenticity!

We recently came across some wise sayings by the industrialist Henry Ford. Some of you may have read his biography – if not…

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Apollo B. Gabazira is an Ugandan OD. junkie fascinated by matters that render organisations/individuals effective or not. He blogs on effective leadership and management. He is a devoted green-farmer and breeds the Ayrshire cow at Nakabugu, Luuka district, Uganda. Apollo is quite effective at what he chooses to do.


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