We fundamentally believe that the most important asset for any organisation (including family) is its people (staff). Organisations that get the best out of its people, shall get ahead of the others in the race for productivity and effectiveness.

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The Effectiveness lab has chosen to forego its traditional Dec./New-year series, for the “We told you!” post-Brexit series – a reflection on leadership and management lessons for practitioners that want to analyse and learn from the Brexit dynamics – going back to the lab’s deep interest in Brexit leadership and management lessons

How did Boris Johnson get to where he is today?

Do you want to take lessons, free at that, in belief-dynamics from Boris? It may just deliver you a successful 2020 – personally and at the organisation – right?


A word that has so much meaning in management – whether it’s in the day-to-day running of a company, doing a turn-around job at a company and taking it in a new direction, or times of crisis. Leaders and Managers… Read More ›